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Although we are always happy to give you help and advice, there a few questions that crop up more than others. We thought it would be useful to include them here.

On which days and hours do you do your tree surgery?

We can work work any day of the week, but we stick to Monday to Saturday. We like to consider your neighbours (our equipment can be too noisy for a Sunday). We work in daylight hours, but never make noise before 8am and after 8pm.

Why cant you provide a quote over the phone?

In an ideal world this would be perfect, for ourselves and our customers. We do however need to see the tree in person, as we need to survey the tree to see how safe the tree is to climb, and to see how long the job would take in the given surroundings.

I have no gated access to my garden, does that mean you leave all of the debris in my garden?

No of course not. We can cut the tree branches into manageable pieces and the trunk into thin rings, and carry them through your house. Not before laying down dustsheets and protecting your furniture of course.

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Tree Surgery

We can take on any size tree from saplings to Huge 130ft trees, from felling to pruning to shaping, we are you local experts.


We provide a complete soft landscaping service, planting shrubs and trees, new lawns laid or perhaps you need a new garden fence?


If you would like seasoned, dry, cut to size logs or rings, then please get in contact today.

Something on your mind?

Sometimes a somthing like the removal of a large tree can feel quite daunting. It really shouldn't be! We take care of everything from applying to the relevant authorities for permission, to clearing the last speckle of sawdust from your lawn. We are only a phone call, or email away if you would like us to talk you through what happens in detail.